Learning The Terms Towing & Payload

When learning about automobiles, there are a lot of terms that you have to be aware of. Some terms are easier than others. Among the terms that are easy to remember is towing capacity. This is because it has a lot to do with the weight of what is being towed.

The harder term that people deal with is payload. Often times, people treat the word payload as if it is the same thing as towing capacity. However, people who take the time to research everything about vehicles will learn about the difference between the two. With payload, they can be talking about anything that is in their vehicles which can even include passengers.

We at Sands Ford of Pottsville can tell you about any of the terms you need to know. After all, we are experts. Therefore, we have to know. Visit us at our location in Pottsville and learn what you need to know.



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