The Ford Flex Sets You Up with Great Technology Features

If you pay attention to all of the new technology as it comes out and affects vehicles, you will be interested in the Ford Flex and the technology features that it offers. This is a popular mid-sized SUV for those looking for three rows of seats and it has much to offer.

The Ford Flex sets you up with Adaptive Cruise Control. This works just as any cruise control does except in the way that it will slow your vehicle down when it senses a slow-moving vehicle in front of you. The Ford Flex also sets you up with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, something that will adjust to the conditions that you are driving in.

If you would like to learn more about the Ford Flex, come to Sands Ford of Pottsville and we will give you the information that you need. We will give you the chance to take this vehicle out for a test drive.



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