Engine Cooling & Radiator Service--Protect Your Engine

Like most car owners, your car is your sole means of transportation to do important stuff. You would do well to protect your most vital piece of equipment. The engine is often neglected until a serious symptom shows up such as coolant puddles or overheating.

Your engine has many important components that if neglected then you may experience expensive repair. The parts and systems must be maintained, so your car can continue running smoothly. The radiator holds coolant to be used for the coolant system. The water pump allows coolant to flow to the needed components. The thermostat helps keep the engine cooled properly by detecting excessive temperatures. The special hoses assist the coolant system to cool the engines components. These make up the engine coolant system which is vital to prevent costly engine damage.

If your car shows signs of potential engine problems, then you want to visit Sands Ford of Pottsville to get your engine's coolant system inspected.


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